Fowler-Hilliard Photographs

Fowler-Hilliard Photographs

Attached are some photos from a trip to Fowler-Hilliard, a 10th mountain division hut near Minturn.

I shot these pics with a Nikon D100, a 6 megapixel camera which takes SLR lenses.

The original images are 3008×2000. Click for higher detail.

Shot with a 105mm macro lense plus extension tube to allow extreme closup and high magnification. The big sphere is a dew drop on a small leaf measuring about 1/2 centimeter long. If you look closely at the surface of the droplet, you can see the faint reflection of the whole plant.

Backlit shot of an ‘Indian Paintbrush’, using the same 105mm macro lense without extension tube.


Moon at sunrise with a 300mm telephoto. Overexposing the image by several stops ‘blows out’ the details you’d normally see in the bright crescent but makes it possible to capture detail in the ‘dark’ part of the moon which is normally only faintly visible.

The hazy streak in the lower left is a lense flare.


Sunrise over the 10-mile range shot from the top of Resolution peak with a 17mm wide angle.




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