I am Patrick Charles… software architect, independent consultant, amateur photographer, and cycling enthusiast.

My company, interval software engineering, has been designing and developing custom software since 1996.

pcharles.com is where you can find some of my photographs.

I founded the project ‘jpcap‘ and have contributed to a number of open source projects over the years

  • 2016denver-crime – exploratory analysis of crime in R
  • 2016denver-traffic – exploratory analysis and interactive map of cycling accident data in R
  • 2015etf-leverage-simulator – ideal leveraged ETF performance in R
  • 2011: fractactor – fractal generator implemented in scala utilizing actors, traits and mixins
  • 2010: jpcap [now on github]
  • 2003: sshc – compute cluster control wrapper
  • 2002: kaos – a J2ME mobile fractal generator
  • 2001: jpcap [on sourceforge] – network packet capture and visualization library for Java
  • 1999: jchalkir – a kvm (j2me predecessor) shared sketch pad for mobile devices
  • 1998: qcvs – console utility for browsing/visualization cvs/rcs repositories

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