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Month: May 1998



net.ultrametrics.qcvs.Visualizer is a console utility for browsing and visualizing modifications in an RCS or CVS source repository. Usage Usage: Visualizer [cvsroot_1 cvsroot_2 … cvsroot_n] optional java parameters are: -Dmk=author organize histograms by author -Dmk=path organize histograms by module i.e. java -Dmk=author net.ultrametrics.qcvs.Visualizer CVSROOT Download source: sources_net.ultrametrics-0.01.jar classes: classes_net.ultrametrics-0.01.jar javadoc: javadocs_net.ultrametrics-0.01.jar Browse javadoc README   note: QCVS requires the fooware CommandLine classes. jar files provided are compatible with the jar tool packaged with jdk1.2 and later.

java portscanner

java portscanner is a command-line utility to scan for tcp services on a range of ports on a host or on a range of hosts. Usage   Usage: PortScanner [OPTIONS] hostname [hostname2] optional parameters are: -l port# | –low port# low port number -h port# | –high port# high port number -t n | –threadlimit n spawn n threads -v | –verbose verbose output Concurrently scans, using at maximum the number of threads specified, for hosts between ‘hostname’ and ‘hostname2’ which…

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