Downtown Denver Fisheye Photographs

Downtown Denver Fisheye Photographs

A photo from downtown Denver at the corner of 17th and California streets using an 8mm circular fisheye lens.

The shiny pillars are a sculpture which sits in a sunken water fountain (now frozen) on the NE corner of the street.

Took the photo just after sunset when many of the surrounding office lights were still on. Christmas lights in the plaza across the street at the Arco tower and passing cars create all the reflections.

Using panorama software to stitch two images 90 degrees opposed into a continuous hemisphere..

Notice how the top and the bottom of the circular projection posted above get chopped off because of the 1.5x multiplication factor in our cameras. If you then crop off the vertical ovals of the circle, you get an image that looks like this:

According to people who have supposedly done the calculations, this image is equivalent to an image shot with a 14mm lense using a normal SLR.

Considering how difficult it is to shoot extreme wide angle due to the small image plane in our cameras, that’s pretty incredible and one of the reasons I bought this lense. Course, it requires cropping and hence some loss in resolution. The result is ~2Kx2K.

While I don’t think there’s any way to distortion correct the full circular image posted above, distortion correction would definitely be interesting for these cropped rectangular images.

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