Celestial Photography

Celestial Photography

A photo of the moon reduced to 700×465 resolution, with only 5% of the actual detail of the full-size image.

Some of the more interesting regions at 1:1…

Saturn, cropped and magnified…

These were all shot by connecting the D100 via t-adapter to a Meade ETX-125 telescope which is equivalent to a camera lense with a 1900mm focal length. Was using a small extender that increases that to 2150mm. Plus the ‘digital’ factor yields 3225mm.

Sometime, I will try additionally connect a 2x tele-extender to double the magnification. I’m not sure how well that will work. With the heavy D100 plus t-adapter protruding out of the telescope, the setup is already unstable enough. By unstable I mean that tiny vibrations are visible through the viewfinder. The tripod is solid with all the equipment on it, but in a way, it doesn’t seem as stable as the camera tripod. Part of that is because huge magnfication simply makes any movement more obvious. The other part of that it seems is because the telescope tripod is designed to move around easily when driven by the motor drive.

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