java portscanner

java portscanner is a command-line utility to scan for tcp services on a range of ports on a host or on a range of hosts.



  Usage: PortScanner [OPTIONS] hostname [hostname2]

    optional parameters are:

      -l port# | --low port#        low port number
      -h port# | --high port#       high port number
      -t n     | --threadlimit n    spawn n threads
      -v       | --verbose          verbose output

 Concurrently scans, using at maximum the number of threads specified,
 for hosts between 'hostname' and 'hostname2' which are accepting tcp
 connections on ports between the low and high ports specified.

 If 'hostname2' is not specified, only 'hostname' is probed.

   i.e. java





note: jar files provided are compatible with the jar tool packaged with jdk1.2 and later.

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