2001 Chevy Corvette Z06

2001 Chevy Corvette Z06


* 0-60 4.0s (GM)
* 186mph (GM)


* 5.7L V8
* 385hp @ 6000 RPM
* 385ft-lbs @ 4800 RPM
* 3115lbs
* 265/40ZR17 on 9.5″ front, 295/35ZR18 on 10.5″ rear

2001 Z06


2002.01 – Road and Track

“Acceleration in the Z06 is immediate and unrelenting… There’s little doubt this latest
Corvette is one of the world’s top sports cars, regardless of price.”

2000.08 – Sports Car

“The Z06… represents a significant leap forward in all-around high performance,
and will be cited as a milestone in Corvette history for generations.”

2000.08 – Motor Trend

“The Vette’s first lap was better than the Viper’s best.”

2001.02 – Road and Track

“The immediate and explosive torque from the Vette is fascinating.”

2001.06 – Road and Track

“The Z06 delivers skidpad performance that’s the best of any road car we’ve tested.”

2001.09 – Car and Driver – Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Z06

“…when the needle touched 60, the svelte Vette opened up a 0.1 second gap that would
only widen as acceleration continued… the Vette pulled higher grip in almost every corner
and finished the road course portion sooner by 1.9s.”

2000.08 – Road and Track

“The Z06 is electrifying to drive. From the moment you crack open the throttle,
you can tell this is something special… The real eye-opener is the way this car handles.”

2000.08 – Car and Driver

“Our car stopped from 70mph in 152 ft. — one of the shortest stopping distances we’ve ever
recorded… The Z06 demonstrates similar superiority in cornering grip… one of the best
we’ve ever seen for a production car, ranking about 0.10g beyond recent Corvettes as well as
edging out the Viper GTS and the Ferrari 360 Modena.”

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