Oro Verde Dive

Oro Verde Dive

Dive Stats

* 2004.08.28 – 10:19MST
* Oro Verde, Grand Cayman, BVI
* Jeanya and Pat
* 54 ft max depth
* 41 ft avg depth
* 50 ft visibility
* 46 minutes dive time
* 30 deg C water temperature
* 2900psi start
* ? psi end
* 8lbs weight


Wreck dive from boat. Swam around perimiter and debris from “oro Verde”, a WWII cargo vessel subsequently used for illegal drug trade between KY and South America.

Bow and stern hulls partially intact; center section collapsed. Ship not visible on map image. Predates sinking, or shipwreck relocated during massive hurricane Ivan, which occurred just a few weeks after the dive?

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