Kea Lani Refresher Dive

Kea Lani Refresher Dive

Dive Stats

* 2007.03.24 – 14:37
* Kea Lani Hotel Shore, Maui, HI, USA
* Pat, Dave and Instructor (Alex)
* 26 ft max depth
* 14 ft avg depth
* 30 ft visibility
* 32 minutes dive time
* 75 deg F water temperature
* 3000psi start
* 1000 psi end
* 10lbs weight


Refresher dive with Dave and instructor (Alex). Waded into light surf on Kea Lani Hotel beach.

Swam west to coral formations where we swam through narrow channels and under coral arches.

In shore map image, white structures and swimming pools in lower right are Kea Lani Hotel. Brown structures in upper/center right are the condominiums at Wailea Point.

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